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Middel Custom Craftmanship, Inc. CNC Automated Technology website. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our services. Our company was created to provide you with top quality CNC Router Table SERVICES and SUPPORT.

Custom CNC Routing Services

We are a CNC routing services job shop located in Huntington Beach, CA. We are dedicated to providing customized craftsmanship using CNC routing services combined with over 30 years of fabrication and manufacturing experience. We have state of the art CNC router equipment with automatic tool changing spindles, 32mm center-to-center boring spindles that allow both vertical and horizontal drilling (X-Y), and work envelopes up to 63" x 127". We also have 4th axis capability to accommodate aggregate tooling needs.

The specific services we offer include:

CNC Programming

Custom Parts Production




Custom Displays and Signs

Custom Doors

Custom Cabinets and Parts

Our 3D CAD/CAM software permits us to use your AutoCAD, Rhino, or Parasolid files directly, and most everyone else's DXF files to eliminate duplication of efforts. Using our programming services we can create
CAD files and shop drawings as required when it is not convenient to 
import pre-generated drawings.
Please feel free to browse through our Testimonials and Photo Album pages to see some products we have produced using our CNC machines and view our customers’ feedback. This is not an exhaustive listing, but a good mix of product examples that show our CNC routing capabilities. 

CNC Routing Possibilities

There are an amazing number of possibilities for CNC routing. A lot of parts or components that can be cut, shaped, and/or drilled can be producted in an automated fashion using a CNC router. CNC routing is similar to hand routing only incredibly accurate and much faster. Here are some industries and products that employ CNC routing operations:

Architectural Elements

Cabinet Components

Nested Based Manufacturing

Point of Purchase Components


Routed Millwork

Sign Engraving

Store Fixture Components

Store Lettering

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